Sponsor Disclosure

As per FCC regulations, we at Real Deal Vape need to clear a few things up.

We are not a retailer. We don’t sell goods or services. Even if you wanted to buy something from us, you couldn’t because there’s nothing to buy. So how do we pay for the servers to keep the site running?

What We Do:

We use services such as google-ads and amazon links. What does that mean for you? When you look at an ad, or sometimes click a link we might make a penny, if we’re lucky a dollar or two. It’s not much, but it keeps the site up and running.

What we don’t do and will never do:

We don’t do “paid reviews” or phony endorsements where we give an opinion on something because someone is paying us to.  We don’t let anyone write our reviews, we don’t run ad campaigns pushing some narrative. We don’t take money from Russia, no seriously, we blocked Russia with a DNS firewall.

That means our opinions always have been and always will be genuine. Why? because that matters to us. If we say we love something… we really do love it. If we hate it, it’s because it’s terrible. We try to stay balanced in our reviews, cover all the considerations for the consumer.

What Do We Do With Our Ad Revenue? Every Single Dime we make goes right back into the site. Because we’re not sponsored, we make nearly nothing, most years in fact we operate at a loss. In essence, we don’t make enough off these clicks and ads to care too much about them. Real Deal Vape is a hobby site, one man’s passion to share his experience with vaping and with any luck, help other people quit smoking.

Does this make sense? If not we’re happy to answer any questions. Just shoot us an email at realdealvape@gmail.com and we’ll clear it up. Honesty in our reviews is top priority for us and we plan to keep it that way.